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Preparing to put a young woman over the knee is part of the antisapation. Making her pull down her panties and standing with her bare bottom on display can help get the motor running. Or maybe make her lay face down on the bed, with her bare ass and little pink pussy peeking out will do the trick.
Spanking a young ladie is a great thing. There's so many ways to do it.
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Saturday, 8 October 2011

An enema followed by a hair brush spanking

As I walked down the hall all could hear was a lot of crying and the voice of my aunt.
Your a very bad girl! Stay still or you'll be over my knee for this enema!
I heard some wailing followed by my aunt's voice.
"That's it young lady!."
I heard a few slaps on flesh.
"Get over my knee!"
I heard a loud cry and then more slapping.
"Don't you ever do that again! When I say get over my knee. You stay there until I say you can get up. Is that clear.
More slaps and then another loud cry.
I knew my sister was getting an enema, followed up by a hard hair brush spanking. Normally I might have been smug, but it was my turn next.
 After about ten minutes the toilet flushed and the crying began again.
"Your a very naughty girl! Naughty girls get the hair brush applied to their bottoms."
The crying got louder and drowned out anything my aunt was saying. All i could hear was the sound of the hair brush smacking bare flesh and the cry of pain from my sister.

It when on for twenty minutes before the door opened and my sister ran out of the bathroom naked down the hall.
My Aunt stepped out and wiggled her finger at me.
"It's your turn young lady. Get in her."
My stomach was doing flip flops and my ass was already clenching.
I stepped into the bathroom and tried to keep from crying.
"Get those clothes off and bend over the tub, or you'll be over my knee for the enema just like your brat sister."
I hardly remember taking off my clothes and bending over the tub with my ass in the air. I do remember that enema tip wiggling it's way into my rectum and feeling the rush of cold water. Cold water was always used for punishment enemas. I cried a little as the water filled my bowels and when I thought I was going to burst it finally stopped. I was allowed up and  with a good deal of humiliation I sat on the toilet and relieved my aching guts.
My Aunt put the toilet lid down sat on the throne.
"Now young lady come over my knee."
I began to cry, but did as I was told.
"Your a very naughty girl and naughty girls need a good dose of the hairbrush." She stated.
'stop that crying or you'll be given something to really cry about.!"
I couldn't stop. I was scared and I knew it was going to hurt really bad.
The hair brush was a big wooden thing with a long handle. my aunt handled it like an expert.
"You want to cry do you? well I'll give you something to cry about."
And so the spanking began. 
My aunt held me so tight I couldn't get away as my ass was turned beet red. My legs were kicking and I was crying as loud as my sister.
Over and over the brush was applied with gusto to my bare bum. I was about to start screaming in ernest when she finally stopped.
"Alright young lady, to your room. And there will be no supper. Your father I'm sure will be up to visit when dinner is over."
I ran as my sister did down the hall and into my bedroom.
Thoughts of my father doing his duty later danced in my head.

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